Client Testimonials

“Eleanor possesses the best combination of qualities for an executive recruiter and mentor for candidates. She is communicative and available, but always honest and up-front with clients and candidates alike. She is an excellent coach and works hard to prepare candidates for the challenges of the job search and ultimate interviewing process.
In her coaching program for candidates she provides them with the tools necessary to identify opportunities in the hidden jobs market. I have personally worked with Eleanor as a candidate and client and found her to conduct her practice with the utmost integrity. She is always at the top of her profession and a pleasure to work with.”

- Rick Steinbrenner - Director of Marketing, Remington Products (Black & Decker) Spectrum Brands, Inc.

"The exact qualifications of the people in question were not well specified because we were undergoing a set of organizational changes at the time. Because of this, I was heavily involved in the process and contacted Ms. Sweet. As the search process evolved I became more convinced that Ms. Sweet's attitudes and approach did in fact fit in well with what we needed at Plano Molding Company, and I was very happy with her work. As things progressed I turned Ms. Sweet over to other people at Plano and they in turn were happy with her approach and attitudes. I think it is safe to say that everyone at Plano who has dealt with Ms. Sweet has been pleased with her knowledge, her hard work, and her professionalism. We feel strongly that we need to continue to work with her as need for new key employees arises."

- Pete Henning , Plano Molding - Retired Chairman and CEO


I've worked closely with Ms. Sweet and find her to be a very astute, organized and devoted business woman.

She has excellent follow-up qualities and administrative skills. Her strongest point, however, is her ability to work closely with people and develop a close rapport. Ms. Sweet would be a fine addition to your vendors. I would highly recommend her."

- Frank J. Feraco - Sr. Vice President of Sales, S-B Power Tools (Bosch Power Tools)

"I have know Ms. Sweet for over four years. While the phrase is sometime overused, she is a "quick study." I have also found her enthusiastic and more importantly, effective in her business activities. Specifically, she has been involved in executive recruiting for me. Result have been excellent with recruited employees making good contributions quickly.

Her background with the General Electric Company and more recently as an executive recruiter, would seem to provide a unique experience base which could make a positive contribution to your organization."

- Jack P. Watson, Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc. (Kohler Co.) and Danaher Corporation

"I really enjoyed our cooperation and they way you approach things. During the whole process that took somewhat longer than you originally anticipated, I felt quite comfortable. It is indeed better to take a little longer and to come up with a shortlist of good candidates than do a hasty sluggish job. I was very happy with the final candidate and felt he was the best one for the job. You were also helpful by indicating the differences between the US and European market and habits when it comes to hiring. "

- Marc Roels, Moerman NV, Sales and Marketing Manager Global, General Manager - Director